Delta/US Airways Merger Deal: It’s Awfully Quiet Out There

Was talking to someone in the industry this morning and he said to me, “It’s awfully quiet on the Delta/US Airways front. Think it’s dead?”

I’m not sure. Although not too long after I talked to him, Delta announced it has secured $2.5 billion in exit financing for its stand-alone restructuring plan.

The most circulated rumor today concerning the deal is that US Airways was willing to up its offer another $1 billion, but only if Delta then let US Airways begin moving on due diligence, along with other necessary legal steps that would be necessary to get the merger rolling.

Well, we’ve had no official notice that US Airways has upped its bid, now have we?

So here we sit.

Which reminds me. If the proposal for Delta does go down in flames, then what? As I said to someone this morning, the options at that point for more than one airline begin to get much more interesting than if the deal were to begin an official move towards possible fruition.

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