Taken that God-Awful Present Back Yet?


Just wondering.

Hard to believe that it’s already December 27. Every year it seems to me the earth’s orbit begins to speed up around Labor Day, and by the time Christmas is here — we’re all movin’ along at warp speed.

It just seems that I never have enough time to finish what I need to do, I never have enough time to enjoy the company of those I’d like to visit with a little longer (then again those nights with obnoxious relatives can go on forever), never have enough time to simply relax and listen to Christmas music — enjoying the downtime.

Before you know it, January 2 rolls around and the world automatically goes right back into “normal” mode. Crank it up!

Anyone else feel that way? Maybe it’s just my warped brain.

Then again, if I had spent four or five days at Denver International Airport this Christmas season, I think maybe I’d be happy that January was just around the corner.

Speaking of — I read this morning that there are still thousands of passenger bags out at DIA, bags that never made it to their destination during the Christmas blizzard event. Not particularly good news anytime, but especially not considering weather forecasters are now predicting that Denver may be looking at another storm in the next couple of days.

This could be another doozy,” Klaus Wolter of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder said of the impending storm in USA Today this morning. “Right now we’re in an amazingly active storm track.”

Airport officials are scheduled to go on full “snow alert” later today — the storm is expected to roll in on Thursday and current forecasts call for the storm to drop between 8-10 inches before it’s over.