I’m Dreaming of a ……Warm Bed

I’m sure that’s what folks are saying who are stranded at Senor Pena’s Palace of Planes right about now. (That would be Denver International Airport.)

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By now you’ve all heard the numbing stats. No flights in, no flights out. Maybe tomorrow. If they are lucky. Thousands of travelers remain stuck in the airport.


Then there is Heathrow, which has been gripped by a bout of freezing fog. Anyone want to fly to London this weekend for Christmas? Good luck.

Meanwhile, here in the swamp, that same moisture that is coming down as snow in Colorado is coming down here as rain — flooding many streets and homes in New Orleans. Some areas have had as much as 6 or 7 inches of rain since yesterday.

Looking out our door at the Worldwide Headquarters, I see rain, rain, and more rain.

Mother Nature seems unusually cranky this week. Maybe she needs someone to spike her eggnog. Anyone got any extra Wild Turkey?