OT:Ugly DISH in the Yard Update. It’s All in the Timing

Okay. After I wrote about the new freestanding DISH in my front yard, many of you sent me emails. And without exception — you all agreed that the DISH looked pretty ugly sitting out there. But, not one person questioned my reasoning for putting it there.


Guess what happened this week?

A huge truck with one of those automatic arm things that electric companies use to fix electric lines showed up across the street. (Where the offending trees located at the back of the property had made connection with the DISH satellites impossible from the side of our house.)

In the next two days, a number of minions (aided by the use of this mammoth truck) took down every one of the tall pines at the back of our neighbor’s property. Yep, those pine trees.

I guess I should call the guy who installed the DISH to come out and reinstall it on the side of my house.

But after he spent almost all day out here the first trip, I’m not so sure he’s going to be too anxious to make a repeat appearance.