Oh No — Tell Me It Isn’t So


First terrorist plots.

Then the TSA and no liquids or gels. (Don’t forget the gel in those gel-filled bras either.)

Now it’s clear the days of flying in peace and quiet are coming closer and closer to certain death.

Today Tom Espiner in CNET writes,

Ryanair plans to allow passengers mobile access to voice and text communications on all of its flights. The airline expects to launch the service in mid-2007.

The budget airline announced on Wednesday that it will partner with OnAir, an Airbus and Sita joint in-flight communications venture, which plans to fit the entire Ryanair fleet with technology called Mobile OnAir. Initially, 50 aircraft will be equipped by mid-2007, with further installations following.”

You can read the article here.

Meanwhile I’m sure this news is great for those companies like Bose and Sony, who make noise-canceling headphones. I would think demand for these will soar once major airlines start “offering” cellphone jabber and screaming all flight long.

As I’ve said in the past — text communications and the ability to web surf while flying would be cool. (Although I guess the airlines who ponied up big bucks to equip their aircraft with Boeing Connextion hardware are probably not too happy they chose to go that route now.)

Voice communications — ugh. It’s bad enough having to listen to obnoxious cell phone users at the gate — at least now we know that at some point they have to shut up.

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