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US District Court Grants US Airways Preliminary Injunction Against Pilot Union

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It took a little longer than some people had anticipated, but this afternoon U.S. District Court Judge Robert Conrad granted US Airways a preliminary injunction against the airline’s pilot union, US Airlines Pilot Association (USAPA).

As you may recall, US Airways sought the injunction in August, when it claimed that the pilot union had been involved in actions to deliberately slow down and/or disrupt the airline’s operations.

Judge Conrad apparently agrees.

In his ruling, USAPA and its members are now prevented from “permitting, instigating, authorizing, encouraging, participating in, approving, or continuing any interference with Plaintiff’s airline operations, including, but not limited to, any slowdown, strike, work stoppage, sick-out, work to rule campaign, or any concerted refusal toperform normal pilot operations in violation of the RLA, pending a hearing on the permanent injunction.”

Conrad instructed the organization very clearly as to how and what they now need to communicate to its members.

USAPA was ordered to report to court no later than 5 p.m., on Oct. 4, what methods it has used to comply with the court order.

For those of you who are legal eagles like I am, click here for a .pdf of the complete TRO document.

I think you will agree that Conrad has read the union the proverbial “riot act.” Not a whole lot of positives in this order for the union. Not surprisingly, however, given how strong the airline’s initial complaint was, as we noted last month in PlaneBusiness Banter.