PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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Good evening everyone.

We have a busy week this week in PlaneBusiness Banter. We are talking about Southwest Airlines and its new seating configuration on its 737-700s, we’re talking about WestJet’s plans to start flying turboprops, we take a look at why one analyst downgraded JetBlue to a “sell” rating this last week, we talk about what a great week the airline sector enjoyed last week, and, oh yes, we talk a lot about American Airlines. And Delta Air Lines. And US Airways.

I’ll tell you why and how Delta Air Lines could successfully bid on, and be allowed to purchase, a piece of AMR. (Can we say…carve outs?)

And oh yes, then there is the rest of the sector. And the DOT Airline Consumer Travel Report for November, and energy prices for the week. And airline stocks. And more.

Subscribers can access this week’s issue here.