PlaneBusiness Wild Turkey Award for Airline Management Excellence

Next week — for only the third time in 14 years — I will award an airline CEO with the PlaneBusiness Wild Turkey Award. This award is given to an airline CEO in recognition of their excellence in airline management.

Yes, the award is named in honor of Herb Kelleher, former Chairman and CEO of Southwest Airlines.

What does it take to grab one of these (and the case of Wild Turkey Rare Breed whiskey personally delivered compliments of the award’s namesake?)

*A dedication to a strong balance sheet.

*An emphasis on a company’s employees and the importance of their contribution to the company.

*A position of leadership within the airline community.

*A willingness to take risks — in an effort to improve an airline’s financial and operational success.

*Above all — a commitment to “do the right thing” in regards to the airline, employees, shareholders, and customers.

That’s next week — in PlaneBusiness Banter.

One thought on “PlaneBusiness Wild Turkey Award for Airline Management Excellence

  1. Benet Wilson

    I just happened to be in Phoenix visiting our friend Elise on the day Doug Parker’s Wild Turkey arrived. He seemed genuinely touched to receive the award. I hared my favorite Herb/Wild Turkey story and we had a good laugh.
    Can’t wait to see who the winner is!

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