PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

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Hello earthlings.

Our “bonus” edition of PlaneBusiness Banter is now posted.

This week we conclude our earnings coverage with in-depth earnings reviews of Pinnacle, AIr Canada and WestJet.

We also take a look at the June DOT Airline Travel Consumer Report. Yep, three hour tarmac delays were much lower — but cancellations were not up. They were flat.

But hey, like we said last month, one month does not a trend make. Nor does two for that matter.

We take a look at these numbers as well as all the usual DOT consumer moaning and groaning reports, lost bags, and on-time performances.

Of course we also give you the scoop on the LAN/TAM deal. LAN’s acquisition of TAM will create the largest airline in Latin America. Big news!

Then there is the new United livery, Delta’s upgrade at JFK (about time), Spirit’s latest swipe at a competitor (they never miss an opportunity to do so), and more.

All in this week’s “bonus” issue of PBB.

Subscribers can access this week’s issue here.

And with that, we are all officially on vacation!