PlaneBusiness Banter is Now Posted!

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Big, huge earnings issue this week for PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers to paw through, as we take an in-depth look this week at the earnings posted by AMR, parent of American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

We also have earnings summaries for Allegiant, Alaska Air Group, AirTran and Hawaiian.

But….there is more.

Like a long update on the latest chapter in the United Airlines‘ Mating Dance. Is US Airways really out? Will Continental and United be able to agree on stock prices? Will Gordon Bethune come back to run the new airline?

(That last one is a joke. No, really.)

We’ve got the details of the testy exchange between JP Morgan analyst Jamie Baker and American’s Gerard Arpey and Tom Horton on that airline’s call. We’ve got the details on what I think was a great quarter for Delta Air Lines. And Southwest — they have made good on their pledge to find more quarters, nickels and dimes in the seat cushions.

As for Continental — let’s just say I think the boys in Houston were a bit distracted.

All this an a whole more in an issue that should run over about 75 pages this week! (Great airline flight reading material.)

PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers can access this week’s issue here.