USAPA Loses; Former America West Pilots Prevail in Seniority Fight

Hello everyone. As I type this I am sipping a bourbon and seven with a twist of lime at the Mississippi Airports Association Conference in Natchez. Yours truly is the kick-off speaker for this event tomorrow morning… So pardon any typos as this is an iPhone post.

But I just received word the jury in the federal trial in Phoenix involving former America West pilots and US Airways East pilots has found USAPA “responsible” for adequately representing the rights of the 1800 former America West pilots.

To cut through the legalese… This was a civil trial.. Not a criminal one. As such, this is the same as “guilty.” it was a unanimous decision by the nine-member jury.

As readers know — this is all about seniority. Or rather, how the US Airways East pilots refused to accept the blended seniority award that was handed down as part of the ALPA guidelines.

As I said recently in PBB, I assumed this was going to be the outcome of the trial…. But now what?

This is not going to make both sides kiss and make up … And forget what has happened.

But hey… At least for tonight … The former AWA pilots can celebrate. Have one on me guys!