We’re Back

Hi all. Whew. It’s been a busy week or so for me. Tiring one too. As most of you know, earnings continue to roll out in the sector. Today we heard from Republic Holdings. I’ll talk about their numbers in the next post.

In addition, yours truly flew home to the Worldwide Headquarters last week, and within 12 hours was sick as a dog. Head, eyes, ears, nose. Ugh. My head’s still killing me today.

Yesterday morning it was clear something was not right as PlaneBusiness Banter subscribers went to pull this week’s issue and saw the “tease” page for last week’s issue. Duh.

Two of the reasons I had to come home this week are teeth-related. As in, dentist and orthodontist. Yes, it’s those damn braces again.

So here I am, at the orthodontist’s office, with wires sticking out of my mouth, newly tightened coils stretching across my front teeth, and an assistant hovering over me with pliers that looked like they came from Home Depot, and my phone goes off. Then it goes off again. Then it goes off again.

I immediately said to myself, “Self, what didn’t I do before I left the house in a tizzy?” Self knew immediately. I had failed to update the front page of the main website with this week’s issue information, and I had forgotten to update the “tease” page that subscribers see when they log in.

Wasn’t much I could do about it at that point.

So I let the doctor and his assistant finish their torture and finally I was able to get up and call back to the office and walk David, our subscription manager, through what he needed to do. But not before a SLEW of subscribers had sent me notes of woe at being locked out from this week’s issue.

Sorry. My fault.

But see, I was sick. That’s my excuse.

Okay smart guys. I know. Some of you out there are saying, “So what’s new?”

Anyway, this week I should be more visible here on the blog. Last week was spent working with a number of folks on our new PlaneBusiness.com site. And yes, you’ll notice that we’re starting to move the furniture around here on the PlaneBuzz page just a little bit as well. We’re now a three column format — not a two column one.

More tinkering to come.