Dublin In November


Greetings earthlings. Yours truly is in Dublin, Ireland this week, having been asked to be the token U.S. representative on the opening panel discussion at the 10th annual Ground Handling International conference.

Things I have been impressed with so far at the conference:

Turnout. There are more than 400 people here, and very few are from the U.S. Since the target number for the conference was right around 400 –the turnout was just as expected. Bravo – considering the current industry and economic conditions.

Vendor participation: Again, one of the strongest we’ve seen at any industry conference this year.

Ireland: It is indeed very green from the air when you fly in. Unfortunately, as we were driving in last night to dinner in the Centre City, I was dismayed to see that Dominos is here. Just what I want to do — order a Dominos pizza in Dublin.

Irish Tea: The best. Always has been one of my faves. Even better in person.

Flight over on US Airways: Hey, I have no complaints whatsoever. I thought the service was excellent, the food was even better, and all in all — I was very pleasantly surprised.

First question I was asked by a European after I arrived: “So what about the political situation in the U.S. now? (Immediately followed by a comment) “I’m so glad you folks changed your government.” It’s been a recurring theme in various forms. Everyone wants to talk to you about it. Everyone seems very happy that “you Americans came to your senses finally.”

My thanks to Sally Leible, President and COO of Airport Terminal Services, a PlaneBusiness Banter subscriber, who asked me to join GHI with their conference this year. It’s been great to mingle with folks from all over the world — something I think should be mandatory for all of us in this business.

At least every six months.