Advisory for PlaneBusiness Banter Subscribers: Gustav Hits Cat 4

As Yogi Berra supposedly said, “It’s deja vu all over again.”hurricane.jpg

Exactly three years ago yours truly was on “vacation” from our normal weekly publishing schedule for PlaneBusiness Banter when Hurricane Katrina decided to make a little visit to Southeast Louisiana.

It took us more than four months before things returned to something even close to “normal.”

Today, I’m sitting here looking at what is now a Category 4 hurricane by the name of Gustav, which frankly, as of this posting, is on a track that is potentially much more dangerous to where our Worldwide Headquarters is located — than was the case with the more Easterly track of Katrina. Remember – New Orleans came through Katrina just fine — it was the levees that failed that caused the massive flooding of the city after the fact. Not the storm itself.

But the Mississippi Gulf Coast was wiped cleaned.

One always wants to be on the west side of a hurricane — not the east or northeast side.

But today, that is exactly where it appears the Worldwide Headquarters is going to find itself.

On the good news side of the coin — I am not at the Worldwide Headquarters. I am in Dallas.

As regular readers of PBB know, I have been looking at potential new Worldwide Headquarters locations in the DFW metropolitan area over the last couple of months, and while on “vacation” was also doing some work with folks here who are working on our new subscriber site.

I was scheduled to fly back to New Orleans this week. Not going to happen now.

The bad news is that David, who edits PBB, compiles our earnings summaries, and prepares our weekly graphs and charts, in addition to doing all of our subscriber relations is at the Worldwide Headquarters, along with Max the Cat, Mom Cat, Pitty Pat and Ernesto. Then there are the two hounds — Bita and Esther. Then there are the back-up hard drives for PBB. My big desktop Mac. My HD television. My car. My pin-up photos of Herb. My clothes. My ….My…. stuff.

Can you tell I am just a little “over the edge” today?

Wait until tomorrow.

And Monday.

And Tuesday.

And Wednesday.

So — just a head’s up for PBB subscribers. Our 11th anniversary issue that was due to be published this week is looking like a rather “iffy” situation.

I’d be lying if I said anything different.

More later. I need to go try and convince my father, who is 89, that he needs to get in the car NOW, and get out of Southeast Louisiana.

As for David, he says he is going to stay and hold down the PlaneBusiness corporate fort and ad hoc animal shelter.

Shaking my head.

As for me — send hard liquor.