Uncomfortable Flashback To August 2005

I’m supposed to be on vacation.

However, a little something has cropped up in the Caribbean that has ripped my attention away from Hillary, Barack and Teddie. Much less Red Stripe beer and falafels. Oh, and then there is that little matter of the third anniversary of Katrina’s visit coming up on Friday.

His name is Gustav.

Gustav meet the fine readers of PlaneBuzz.

Fine readers of PlaneBuzz, meet Gustav.


Just a little known fact for PlaneBuzz readers. If this track holds up, Hurricane Gustav will pass directly over the Worldwide Headquarters on Monday night.

I don’t like the threat of these types of deja vu things. Katrina was enough. I have no desire to do this again.

I also don’t like the National Weather Service deciding that Gustav is going to cross the breadth of the Gulf of Mexico — the very warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico– and not be more than a Category Two upon its arrival onshore either.

Nope. I don’t buy it.

I decided this evening, or rather, a good friend of mine decided this evening, that a pitcher of margaritas was just the thing to while away the hours as we await more definitive news as to just where this storm decides to go.

And hey, don’t look now, but there is another one, right behind Gustav. Same track.

I’m going back to finish off the margaritas.