Vacation….Or What Passes For One

Funny how when you are on vacation you can read the headlines from the airline industry and just shake your head. Instead of hitting your head on the side of the nearest wall. activities.jpg

Holly here. Just checking in from IT central. Yes, PBB is in the middle of a major site reconstruction project. Tomorrow night I get to do a WebX walk-through with our programmers, who are in Australia. Today I get to go through about five tutorials and make notes.


Not my idea of the ideal vacation, but hey — I’d rather be doing all this now — than having to do it AND write about Mesa Air Group’s earnings. (Or lack thereof.) Or about how United Airlines has come to the conclusion that eliminating food from some of its trans-Atlantic flights is a good idea. Or how a dufus TSA inspector in Chicago ended up damaging 9 American Eagle aircraft at O’Hare after he decided to see if he could climb on top of the parked aircraft in order to gain entry into them. Unfortunately, instead of using a ladder, said dufus TSA inspector apparently decided to use the aircraft’s sensitive exterior probes to climb up on top. Specifically the TAT (Total Air Temperature) probe was selected as a foot hold. Or ….

You get the picture.

Have a great Thursday everyone!