TSA – Thoroughly Stupid Agency

Hi there, Godzilla here. It’s been a while since I’ve posted (and even longer since I’ve said anything of real value), but more on that in a minute.
tsa_logo.gifFurther to Holly’s observation about how the TSA “inspected” 9 airplanes right into the maintenance shop in Chicago, TSA is now rattling its saber about pursuing security violations against the airline.
The mind boggles.
A published report says that the inspector (obviously from the shallow end of the gene pool) was able to gain access to 7 of the 9 airplanes “inspected”. Whether or not that is true is immaterial, because once the manner in which the airplanes were entered rendered them unairworthy anyway. The TSA further stated that it was not their intent to “cause delays or potential damage to aircraft as a result of our inspections,” and that the agency acted quickly to “re-enforce education about sensitive equipment located on the exterior of a plane.”
Yes, the TSA needs to reinforce the meaning of “No Step” when painted on an aircraft; perhaps an English class is in order?
I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been busily trying to secure some type of gainful employment that includes airplanes. It’s come down to two choices, one being an FO for a Part 135 operation flying a Citation I, and the other being a pilot for the local Sheriff’s department’s version of Con Air. It’s a tough choice, I must say. Neither of them pay very well, but it’s better than working for a living. Either choice will still leave me time to contribute, hopefully more regularly, to Holly’s blog.
Was that a sigh of relief or a groan?