More Jake Brace Captions

typewriterA008blog-754097.jpg Yes, there are more!

Here are just a few of the creative Jake Brace Captions you sent to me Friday. I haven’t even gleaned through all the Saturday offerings as of yet.

1. “We were this close to finishing the Continental merger when Big-Mouth Glenn blurts out he wants to manage the new company!!! I mean, BAM! it was just Glenn and me sitting in a room with 6 other empty swivel chairs a spinning…”

2.”Tell them that the idea is to not necessarily kill the golden goose but to squeeze every last….oh, that’s been used?”

3. “What a bunch of saps! I can’t believe how United’s employees let me get away with filling my saddle bags with all this loot at their expense — freaking unbelievable how they just stood there & took it lying down! A sucker is born every minute!”

4.“No, it was Glenn who dropped the ball.”

5.”I am not a criminal.”

6.”No, I’m ‘retiring’.”

7.”Believe you me, Glenn, crude oil will never be more than $50 a barrel.”

8. “See this brown spot on the end of my nose?”

9. “Yes, I have to admit, we’ve succeeded in making our financials so hard to understand, nobody even understands how much money we’re losing.”

10. “Listen, I was surprised as you when Glenn said he would groom Doug instead of me.”

My favorite of this bunch? Number one. And number ten. Stayed tuned for more!