The Dog Ate My Keyboard

Not really. Just my keycap.

This is the result of one overly excited dog who decided to jump on top of the bed, even though I informed her quite clearly that no, not with the laptop on my lap.

Unfortunately, her big paw, or rather, one particular nail on that one big paw caught the “A” key and ripppp.

The Crime:


The Guilty:


Never fear. I went online, found an appropriate YouTube instruction video, and presto, back in business. Yes, I do wear out my laptop keys pretty quickly as you can see. My E, R, I, L, N, D, F, E, S, A, M, B, and C keys need replacing.

Something for my next trip to civilization and its accompanying Apple Store.

No, there is no Apple Store in New Orleans. As I said, something for me to do on my next trip to civilization.