The “Big” Innovative Midwest Announcement Causing Stir With Readers

Hot from the PlaneBuzz Mailbag:

Did you see Midwest’s “big announcement”? They’re putting two classes on their aircraft.  An “innovative” approach.

Gee, can you think of another US airline flying 717s with two-class service?  Oh yeah, AirTran. If I was AirTran I’d have a press-release out in minutes entitled “Midwest Airlines validates AirTran strategy…”

These fricking morons have just destroyed the one thing that really did separate themselves from the rest of the industry. It’s an admission that their previous strategy didn’t work, and that what AirTran wants to do is correct.

Ah, yes. I did note the use of the word “innovative” in their press release. That was a bit of a stretch. Yes.

And yes, now they are basically changing their business model to that of AirTran’s.

If I were Joe Leonard, I wouldn’t put it past him to put out a release that said something like, “Thank you to the management at Midwest. Not only have they come to their senses in regard to what they should be doing in terms of their business model, but the conversion costs to a two-class onboard configuration will already have been borne by Midwest before we take over the airline.”

1 thought on “The “Big” Innovative Midwest Announcement Causing Stir With Readers

  1. jlbare

    The new business model is somewhat similar to every two-class airline that has ever operated, including AirTran. AirTran is no different than Delta if you are going to make broad and pointless comparisons, except that AirTran can’t seem to decide to remain in markets for the long haul, through thick and thin. Midwest continues to differentiate itself — 40 Signature seats in a 717 is 28 more than AirTran offers on its 717s. Legroom in the Saver seats should also be considerably better. On-board service options will be the same regardless of where you have a seat. AirTran’s product still falls well behind Midwest’s.

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