Bored? Need Something to Listen To; ExpressJet Routes Posted


The Raymond James Growth Airline Investment Conference is being held in New York today. Many airlines are there, and if they are, chances are they have a weblink on their respective website to their presentation. (Or to an archived copy if they presented earlier in the day.)

Yes, both AirTran and Midwest are there, as well as Allegiant, Frontier, and others. I haven’t heard yet whether or not they had to keep Joe Leonard and Tim Hoeksema separated by 2-foot thick walls or not.

And of course ExpressJet also presented today. In fact, if you would like to see the route map of the airline’s new regional operation, you can see it on their website now. I like it.

We’ve got a couple of PBB moles who are there — and I’ll be waiting to hear their reports later today. I’m also listening to several presentations myself.

Oh — which reminds me.

Yes, this week’s issue is going to be published on Friday. No question. I wanted to listen to the presentations in New York today and talk to folks who were there before finishing up this week’s issue. In addition, we’re working on earnings reports as well.

Meanwhile, back to Midwest/Airtran for a minute. AirTran has extended by one month its offer of $345 million in cash and stock for Midwest Airlines’ parent company.

Midwest Air Group shareholders have until March 8 to consider the offer, which was to expire Feb. 8.

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