A Little Slow Today; But Saints Rock


Hi guys. It’s Monday. Ordinarily, after such a spectacular drubbing of the Dallas Cowboys at the hands of the New Orleans Saints as we witnessed last night, chances are you would have found me in here last night — celebrating.

Alas, the ugly stuff I had early last week and thought I was over, came back with a vengeance this weekend. As a result, I am one puny, but happy, Saints fan today.

Yes, just as I predicted here last Monday — the Saints beat the Cowboys last night. But I’ll admit. I never thought they would totally rip them to shreds. This was definitely an added bonus. Even though my head hurt every time I yelled at the TV screen — it was okay. There are just some things you have to work through — you know?

Now that I’ve sent appropriately snarky emails to many of my Dallas friends, it’s time to start trolling the airline haunts to see what’s up. Enough football frenzy.

BuzzBomb? We just received some info this morning on that. Still working. We’ll post that info — hopefully today. Unless I decide to crawl up into a ball and not move. Which doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Go Saints.