PBB is Now Posted; We’re On Vacation

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Yea! It’s vacation time. Not only that but there’s no hurricane in the vicinity. Well, at least not yet.

This week’s issue of PlaneBusiness Banter, which includes our 25 page quarterly supplement, the PlaneBusiness Airline Industry Relative Performance Analysis (try to say that in one breath) is now posted.

A reminder for PBB subscribers. We are now officially on our two-week annual summer hiatus. We’ll see all of you again on Sept. 14.

As for PlaneBuzz, they’ll be some lurking around in here during our supposed “time-off.” We’ll also be moving some of the furniture around — changing up our column content, adding some stuff. That type thing.

So ….we’ll be around. Just don’t expect a lot. Kind of like flying on an airplane these days. Only we won’t require you to give up your liquids before reading.