Enroute travel report — who wants cognac?

SOMEWHERE OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN — I don’t really have a lot to say in this post (so hopefully Holly won’t delete it while I’m sleeping in the almost-flat business seat), but I just wanted to say “Hello” from onboard ANA flight 2 as we fly from Tokyo to Washington Dulles.
I’m here onboard the Boeing 777-300ER enjoying the after-lunch chocolate and cognac while a very, very energetic toddler bounces back and forth, around, and between the first class cabin curtain.
ANA’s new style business class is quite amazing. Business travel definitely still has life.
While waiting in ANA’s lounge, I saw quite a variety of big Boeing metal. 747s, 777s, and 767s from ANA, JAL, Northwest, Lufthansa, Asiana, Korean, Singapore, Austrian (OK, actually that was an Airbus), American, and others… Very interesting assortment.

One thought on “Enroute travel report — who wants cognac?

  1. Holly Hegeman

    Chocolate and cognac? You poor thing. Although it sounds like that toddler may have provided more entertainment than you had bargained for.

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