DisConnexion: Boeing to Shut Off In-Flight Internet

TOKYO — It looks like I will have one more chance to use Connexion by Boeing before the company permanently shuts off the service when I fly back home next week.
On my flight to Japan, having the Connexion service was great and I used it extensively to chat with friends, family, and coworkers, surf the Web, and send e-mail messages. It was well worth the $26.95 for the 14-hour flight.
Now Boeing has announced they will take a $320 million charge through the third and fourth quarters of 2006 as they allow for “orderly phase out of the Connexion by Boeing service.”
The company expects to benefit by 15 cents per share starting in 2007 after killing Connexion.
No word on what will happen to the substantial infrastructure, including orbiting satellites that the company built for Connexion.