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We Have A Winner

Thanks to SuncalPilot who correctly identified our “Where is it” Foto Friday this week.

Yes, that fine establishment is located right near the airport in Tucson, AZ.

This time of year, considering its location, I’d watch for rattlesnakes under the bar. That is unlike the rest of the year, when the ramp rats take over.

Foto Friday

Now, here is one fine looking establishment.


And of course, it’s here because I am told this fine looking Airport Inn is frequented heavily by, what else? Airline employees.

This week’s Foto Friday detective question is this — where is this fine establishment located?

Back at the Worldwide Headquarters

After a day of travel Monday and a reconnaissance mission this morning with both PlaneDad and PlaneMom, we’re back at our post.

And none too soon.

First things first.

Last week we told you that one astute and observant reader had correctly identified the location of the three smiling AMR ramp rats in our last Foto Friday post.

Question Mark

The location? Norfolk.

Thanks to Charles Duncan, who works for Continental Airlines.

Charles wrote,

“Hard to say for sure…but the logo on their airport badges looks a bit like the one at ORF. Maddog operations to ORF-ORD, I believe.”

He believed right.

When told that he was the lucky winner, Charles wrote,

“I am surprised I got it right. My parents live near ORF, so I use the airport from time to time. Though it’s a long trip from Tokyo, where I am based. There really was not much to go by from that photo. Most airports from the ramp in small, sleepy airports of that size all look about the same.”

No, there wasn’t a lot to go on. Great sleuthing.

Thanks also to James Nichols, American Airlines, who sent us the nice shot.

Foto Friday


Now, isn’t this a jovial looking group? I think so.

Thanks this week for this wide-angle contribution from one of our readers. Now, my question is this. Big-time brownie points for anyone who can tell me where this photo was taken.

Send me your guesses at hhegeman at

Sorry for the spell out. Have to try and thwart those bots that send me all that email from China.

Foto Friday

This week to kick off our Foto Fridays, I decided we’d go with two shots.

The first is one of the reasons that pilots tell me their job is one of the best anyone can have. It’s the view from the office. Here, James Nichols with American Airlines sends us a wide angle shot he took at daybreak. Anyone recognize the location? That’s right. You’re looking from the cockpit of a DC-9-82 looking east at DFW holding short of 17C with the hotels on Highway 114 in the background. Oh, and of course the brakes were set with an indefinite ATC delay. (James told me to make sure I said that.)

Great way to start the day if you ask me.

Dawn Patrol

And, thanks to another American Airlines’ pilot, Kent Wien, who sent me an email directing me to this shot on Flickr. We sent the photographer a note and asked him if he would mind us posting it here, and he said no. His name is Enrique Morales, and he told us, “It would be nice that airline geeks, pilots, everyone get to see this picture.”

Well, here you go. Cool shot. Sharp, great angle, and vortices no less.


Anyone know where the shot was taken?

That’s right. It’s the Tegucigalpa airport.