PlaneBusiness Banter Now Posted!

home-typewriter copy 1Hello everyone. How is Wednesday treating you? It’s been pretty frenetic here at our Arizona version of the Worldwide Headquarters. This week we have a mega-earnings issue for you, as we take an in-depth look at the recent 1Q earnings announced by Delta Air Lines, United Continental Holdings, and Delta Air Lines. 

Both Delta and US Airways had very good 1Q results, but United …not so much. The grand experiment continues. And yes, to answer a number of notes from readers, remember that United’s recent RASM increases, which the airline has been touting,  are really due to two big factors — a sharp drop in capacity this spring at the airline and easier comps compared to the other players. In other words the good thing about running a really lousy operation — a year later your comps are very easy!

We heard more about the Pinnacle/Delta deal in Delta’s call. The more we hear, the more we like it. We think it could serve as a model for what a major airline/regional airline partnership should look like going forward.

But we’re talking about a lot more this week. First we talk about the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airline Symposium that was held last week in Phoenix. Then we discuss the US Airways Media Day, which was held in Scottsdale to an overflow crowd that included  American Airlines‘ employees,  US Airways’ management, union leaders from both airlines, and an overflow crowd of nosy journalists.

Yes, it was one hell of a busy week.

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