Pointing fingers at the TSA makes Congressman and the FBI mad

An update to Holly’s post, “Fun with Boarding Passes” from Friday…

The arrest of author of the site and PHP program was called for by Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., then the FBI visited Christopher Soghoian’s home, and subsequently a search warrant was issued and his home was ransacked sometime after 2 AM.

You can read more about Christopher’s harrowing 48 hours at his blog. Google also has the original page that touched off this firestorm (of government stupidity) cached, though you cannot access the actual PHP script that generated the fake boarding pass.

Another sad day for the aviation industry and civil liberties. Let’s not bother with fixing the gaping hole in security, covering up the hole with a pretty rug should take care of everything.

Warrant: Page 1 Page 2.